Man Verses Poetry is not intended for scholars and academics. This is a site for the layman yearning for the edification, spiritual renewal, and inspiration that only poetry can provide. Love, Life, Nature, Beauty… that’s what we celebrate here.

Man Verses Poetry offers an antidote to the ills of modern life. For politics, pop culture, celebrity gossip, technology … go somewhere else.

If you’re intrigued by poetry, but don’t know where to start, this is your site. Think of me as a friend to provide some selections, some guidance, and some context and footnotes.

Also, this site is for sexy people! MVP loves Lord Rochester, Lord Byron, and all that is witty and ribald. I want to give you something to read in bed. So let us pour the wine and enjoy the mellifluous intoxication of the most beautiful poems in the (mostly) English language.

Man Verses Poetry is enamored with classic, traditional poetry that has withstood the test of time. I have little patience for modern, unmemorable tripe that leaves my soul cold.

I share the most helpful poetry resources I can find. I also drift a bit into social commentary. Finally, I will subject you to some of my own attempts at verse mongering, albeit on blessedly rare occasions.



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  1. I got to read some today and am very anxious to read more. I wish I had more time in front of the computer, but alas I am living without internet at home 🙂

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