17th Century sex poetry

Thomas Otway, a dramatist  whom Lord Rochester befriended in 1675, wrote “The Enjoyment.” I urge you to enjoy his sexy little poem, with its references to “dying” (a metaphor for orgasm).



Claspt in the arms of her love,

In vain, alas! For life I strove;

My flutt’ring spirits, wrapt in fire,

     By love’s mysterious art,

Borne on the wings of fierce desire,

     Flew from my flaming heart.


Thus lying in a trance for dead,

Her swelling breasts bore up my head;

When waking from a pleasing dream,

     I saw her killing eyes,

Which did in fiery glances seem

     To say, Now Coelia dies!


Fainting, she press’d me in her arms,

And trembling lay, dissolv’d in charms;

When, with a shiv’ring voice, she cried,

     Must I alone, then, die?

No, no, I languishing replied,

     I’ll bear thee company.


Melting our souls thus into one,

Swift joys our wishes did out-run:

Then launch’d in rolling seas of bliss,

     We bid the world adieu;

Swearing, by ev’ry charming kiss,

     To be for ever true.

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