Fail your way to Success – Part 2

My first attempt at a blog failed miserably. Entitled “Spleen Magazine,” I wanted it to be a forum for me to rant about modern society, and mostly about how technology is making us less human. (An anti-technology blog on the Internet? How could that fail?) Not only was my blog unread and unfocused, but it was also self-hosted, something I wasn’t prepared to do, and I was immediately engulfed by a tsunami of spam. I gave up quickly.

Now I’ve returned. Yes, I still plan to question technology, but self-indulgent ranting was the wrong approach, and part of me is thankful for the spam surge. I needed to take a more positive tack. Just as the romantic poets reacted to the dehumanizing forces of industrialization and urbanization, I feel the time has come to start a new movement in opposition to the negative aspects of the digital age.

I don’t want to rant about the world; I want to remind you of the one we’ve forgotten.


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